• Packages I created and used along my way in the linux/open-source world
  • Hubot chat bot
  • Command line chat client irssi
  • IRC to other chat networks bitlbee gateway
  • Command line mail client mutt and my config
  • Online real time markdown editor
  • Terminal recorder script
  • Conky dashboard
  • A static blog generator pelican
  • Organize your todo's using taskwarrior and vit
  • Import your issues from 3th party services like redmine,github,.. to taskwarrior with bugwarrior
  • Sync your caldav contact lists locally to use in mutt by pycarddav
  • Command line disk space overview ncdu
  • A presenter console with multi-monitor support for pdf files.
  • woof to transfer a file from the command line
  • A command line tool to manage your kanbanize tasks kanbanize-cli
  • i3lock-wrapper to have a fancy lock screen
  • The open-source based browser chromium
  • Your caldav based calendar from within the command line khal
  • pass a password store
  • manager your laptops battery through powertop
  • a file browser ranger
  • a lightweight window manager ratpoison
  • creating backups using rsnapshot
  • taking control of your amazon services s3cmd
  • sakis3g is a great tool to enable your 3G connectivity
  • a semantic launcher called synapse
  • thefuck, the magnificent app which corrects your previous console command
  • vagrant used for setting local development environments based on lxc with perhaps one of those boxes I maintain


  • A list of the blogs from my colleagues