1. Github mirroring

    As an enthusiastic open-source addict I use github on a regularly base to share my knowledge with the world, to explore new software tools, to enhance software with new features, to fix bugs, to collaborate with others, and above all to live the open source way!

    But I also have to admit that their are some disadvantages too, from time to time the availability, well lacks availability.., you have to pay for private repositories used for testing purposes and github enterprise can't be used publically anymore..

    Self-hosted git

    Using your own git instance makes your software less accessible, since like …

  2. Git server

    For some of my development projects I'm using git repositories because of the flexibility of it. But the initial beta phase I don't want to keep private until I created something working. Normally I use github.com repositories for them, a good service except you have to pay for private repositories.

    So I searched the internet for private alternatives and installed gitlab on my CentOS 6 machine. It worked fine, but it was a bit of an overkill to manage about 10 repositories for only one user, myself. So I decided to migrate it back to the essence.

    The essence …

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